Meet Mark Johnson and Jonathan Vaughters at Maria’s Bookshop in Durango before the USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Mark Johnson and Jonathan Vaughters will be at Maria’s Bookshop in Durango, Colorado before the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Johnson and team founder Vaughters will speak and sign copies at 11 a.m. Sunday at Maria’s Bookshop, 960 Main Ave. For more information, call 970-247-1438 or visit

“It is a mark of a well-done book when a reader opens the pages and, despite a lack of previous interest and knowledge, is drawn into the fascinating world of pro cycling. Mark Johnson pulled this feat off through intimate, detailed photography and up-close and personal portrayals of the members of Team Garmin-Cervélo.” — Durango Herald

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Mark Johnson’s VeloNews Op-Ed: Cycling Needs a Riders Union

In this op-ed for, Argyle Armada author Mark Johnson offers reasons that the sport and business of cycling would benefit from a union of riders. Johnson’s thinking on this topic came in part from his interactions with Garmin-Sharp team director Jonathan Vaughters, who has long advocated for fundamental changes in the structure of the sport.

Johnson’s op-ed comes on the heels of Vaughters’ admission last week in this article for the New York Times that he doped during his pro cycling career. In the article, Vaughters says that his team has worked to eliminate the choice of doping for its riders.

Johnson’s op-ed addresses doping. How would a pro cyclists union affect doping in the sport?

Johnson’s article is a thought-provoking, independent look from the only journalist to have spent a season within the team that began cycling’s most recent anti-doping crusade. Click below to read more.

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America’s most-read newspaper and Garmin’s oddball team

“They began as the oddballs.

They oozed a different vibe. Talented but quirky. Free-thinking characters. If the sport of professional bike racing were high school, they were the lovable misfits. They rocked a peculiar look: argyle on spandex. Their boss was a stylish oenophile with sideburns like a bass player’s.

But this outre cycling team, which grew into a global squad now called Garmin-Barracuda, had a mainstream mission. They wanted to detoxify a polluted sport. From the start, they promoted an antidoping message. They tested internally. They pledged full transparency.

And they meant it. In team history, they’ve never had a rider test positive for doping.

Now the misfits are running the cafeteria. Garmin-Barracuda is still idiosyncratic, still in argyle, but they’ve evolved into one of the best cycling teams on the planet.”

Read “Argyle Misfits Conquer Cycling” at the Wall Street Journal website.

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